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The International Symposium on Image Computing and Digital Medicine (ISICDM) was founded and was first held in Chengdu, China, 2017. The ISICDM aims to bringing together active researchers and practitioners in medicine, engineering, and mathematics for discussions on image computing and digital medicine, so as to foster future mutual understanding and collaboration between the researchers, engineers, and clinicians in these fields. Since its inauguration, the ISICDM has become one of the central meeting points for interdisciplinary communication.
Topics of ISICDM are (but not limited to):
Image computing: Image reconstruction, image processing, image segmentation, image registration, image matching, feature extraction, image detection and recognition, shape analysis, machine learning, deep learning, computing hardware (FPGA, DSP, IC) for image processing and machine learning;
Digital medicine: Medical image analysis, MR image reconstruction, CT image reconstruction, radiomics, molecular imaging, big-data analysis in medicine, 3D visualization, intelligent target delineation of radiotherapy, digital pathology, bioinformatics, computational anatomy, intelligent medicine.
Events in ISICDM include the following:
1. Keynote speeches and invited talks given by world renowned researchers and physicians in plenary sessions and various special sessions;
2. Oral presentations given by authors of excellent papers submitted to ISICDM;
3. Poster presentations of accepted papers submitted to ISICDM;
4. Panel discussion;
5. Algorithm and software demonstration.