Plenary Speeches

Speaker:John C. Gore (Vanderbilt University, USA)

Title:Resting state fMRI in the spine and white matter

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Speaker:Dimitris N. Metaxas (Rutgers University, USA)

Title:Robust and Scalable Analytics for Biomedical Applications

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Speaker: Hayit Greenspan (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)

Title: Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Solving the Data Augmentation Challenge for Enhanced-Value Radiology Reporting

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Speaker: 任海萍(中国食品药品检定研究院)

Title: 医疗人工智能质量评价标准探索

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Speaker: Nicholas Ayache (the French Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, France)

Title: AI for Healthcare : towards a Digital Twin?

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Speaker: James Duncan(Yale University, USA)

Title: Left Ventricular Deformation Analysis from 4D Echocardiography: A Machine Learning Approach

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Speaker: Daniel Rueckert (Imperial College London, UK)

Title: Deep learning in medical imaging: Application to image reconstruction, super-resolution and segmentation

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Speaker: Baba C. Vemuri (University of Florida, USA)

Title: Compressed Sensing and Sparse Coding of Diffusion MRI for Tissue Micro-structure Inference

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Speaker: Jiebo Luo(University of Rochester, USA)

Title: Harvesting the Healing Power of AI and Big Data

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Panel Discussion


主持人:James Duncan

对话嘉宾:Baba Vemuri,梁长虹,罗杰波,吕乐,王霄英,Dimitris Metaxas

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对话嘉宾:Nicholas Ayache,Hayit Greenspan,黄峰,陆遥,Daniel Rueckert,张少霆

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