Code for Image Computing Algorithms: Segmentation, MRI bias correction, tissue classification, level set method, active contour model, ...

Demonstration of a level set method for image segmentation

Evolution of the zero level contour (red curve) Evolution of the level set function (the red curve is the zero level contour)

Papers and code (in Matlab/C/C++)



Code available here

Matlab code: .rar, .zip (include two and multi-phase formulations)

Matlab code: .rar, .zip
  • C. Li, C. Xu, A. W. Anderson, and J. C. Gore, "MRI Tissue Classification and Bias Field Estimation Based on Coherent Local Intensity Clustering: A Unified Energy Minimization Framework". IPMI 2009. (pdf, BibTex, website)
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  • C. Li, C. Gatenby, L. Wang, and J. C. Gore, "A Robust Parametric Method for Bias Field Estimation and Segmentation of MR Images", CVPR 2009 (pdf, BibTex, website)
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